Chattel paper

Chattel paper, I'm taking a business law course this semester, and i'm unclear about what a chattel paper is i've looked it up in my book and i've looked.

Definition of chattel paper in the definitionsnet dictionary meaning of chattel paper what does chattel paper mean information and translations of chattel paper. Lease chattel paper of the leasing industry, 1i has provoked debate over whether the distinc-tion should be eliminated and unitary treatment accorded all leases'2. Chattel paper means a record or records that evidence both a monetary obligation and a security interest in specific goods, a security interest in specific goods. For the 2010 revisions, see ucc - article 9 - secured transactions part 1 general provisions [table of contents] [subpart 1 short title, definitions, and general. Electronic chattel paper: invitation accepted chattel paper is defined by ucc article 9 as a record that evidences both a monetary obligation and a security.

Definition of chattel paper: document that evidences a chattel mortgage, and establishes the mortgagor's monetary obligation and the mortgagee's security interest. In the second installment of a series on chattel paper, attorney ken weinberg scuba dives into the two distinct super-priority rules relating to proceeds interest and. In secured transactions, a document used to sell property on credit while retaining some interest in the property chattel paper must show: (1) a monetary obligation.

Define chattel slavery chattel slavery synonyms, chattel slavery pronunciation, chattel slavery translation, english dictionary definition of chattel slavery ) n. Chattel paper each receivable constitutes either tangible chattel paper or electronic chattel paper as such terms are defined in the ucc.

Document showing both monetary obligation and security interest german: verkehrspapier n korean: 동산저당증권 (dongsan-jeodang-jeunggwon. Ken weinberg dissects the super-priority rule in relation to possessors and filers of chattel paper, examining the requirements of new value and possession.

In a simple example of a setting in which a chattel paper might be used, an equipment rental company could rent equipment to a business, and retain a. Define chattel chattel synonyms, chattel pronunciation, chattel translation, english dictionary definition of chattel n 1 law an article of movable personal property. Looking for chattel find out information about chattel in law, any property other than a freehold estate in land a chattel is treated as personal property rather.

Chattel paper
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